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The Adsorption and Decomposition of Gallane Adducts on GaAs (100)

  • J. S. Foord (a1), A.T.S. Wee (a1), N. K. Singh (a1), T. J. Whitaker (a1) and D. O'Hare (a1)...


The adsorption and decomposition of GaH3NMe3 and GaH3PMe3 on GaAs (100) has been investigated using XPS, TDS and molecular beam techniques. Both precursors react in a similar way with the adsorbed layer formed at low temperatures decomposing as the temperature is raised to produce metallic Ga, gaseous gallium hydride(s) and adsorbed hydrogen and the Lewis base, which also undergo desorption. Molecular beam measurements show that both compounds exhibit similar decomposition kinetics and decompose more readily than the aluminium analogues. The results indicate that the site-blocking effects, which prevent the low temperature decomposition of alane adducts, are less significant for the gallane compounds.


Corresponding author

* corresponding author.


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