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The Adsorption and Chemistry of Tripropyl phosphate (TPP) into Microporous and Mesoporous NaX Zeolites

  • Qingguo Meng (a1), David C. Doetschman (a1), Apostolos K. Rizos (a2), Min-Hong Lee (a1), Jürgen T. Schulte (a1), Apostolos Spyros (a2) and Charles W. Kanyi (a1)...


Adsorption and chemistry of tripropylphosphate (TPP) in mesoporous NaX zeolite, which was templated by cationic templated polymer (polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride, PDADMAC) with two different length chains, was investigated. The structural properties of the zeolites were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and nitrogen adsorption analysis. The chemical activities of different zeolites toward the decomposition of TPP were determined with solid state 31P NMR spectra. After exposure of zeolites to TPP was sufficient and equilibrium was reached, a stoichiometric amount of water was also adsorbed and hydrolysis was observed. The TPP decomposition yields in different NaX zeolites were compared.


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