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Admittance Measurements at Epitaxial and Nonepitaxial Silicide Schottky Contacts

  • J. Werner (a1), R. T. Tung (a2), A. F. J. Levi (a2) and M. Anzlowar (a2)


We report results of an extensive study examining the usefulness of low frequency capacitance measurements for the characterization of interface states at intimate Schottky contacts. Our measurements on epitaxial as well as on nonepitaxial silicides reveal that the imaginary component of the low frequency ac-admittance is usually inductive. This inductance is caused by minority carriers that are injected by the Schottky contact and modulate the conductivity of the series resistance of the bulk silicon. The frequently reported excess capacitances (instead of inductances) that were ascribed to interface states are only reproducible when we use imperfect back-contacts to the bulk Si that add a contact resistance to the equivalent dc-circuit of the Schottky diode. Excess low frequency capacitances at intimate Schottky contacts are therefore not related to interface states but rather to the contact resistance of the back-contact.



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