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Actinide Science with a Soft X-ray Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM)

  • Per-Anders Glans (a1), Geza Szigethy (a2), Dustin Demoin (a3), Tolek Tyliszczak (a4), Jide Xu (a5), Jinghua Guo (a6), Kenneth N. Raymond (a7) and David K. Shuh (a8)...


Soft x-ray scanning transmission x-ray microscope (STXM) spectromicroscopy has been developed and employed to investigate several aspects of actinide chemistry and materials science at the Advanced Light Source Molecular Environmental Science (ALS-MES) Beamline 11.0.2 STXM end station. The basic approach and fundamentals of STXM experiments for radioactive materials systems is discussed. Representative results from STXM spectromicroscopy investigations of a mixed phase uranium nitride, single crystals of Eu(III)[TREN(Me-3,2-HOPO)]3 2H2O and hydrated Pu2(III)(C2O4)3(6H2O) 3H2O complexes are presented. The STXM images and soft x-ray absorption spectra illustrate the capabilities and utility of soft x-ray STXM for providing information about actinide materials, especially the light element constituents. Lastly, new and future opportunities for actinide science utilizing soft x-ray STXM are discussed in light of the planned upgrades for the STXM end stations at the ALS.



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Actinide Science with a Soft X-ray Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM)

  • Per-Anders Glans (a1), Geza Szigethy (a2), Dustin Demoin (a3), Tolek Tyliszczak (a4), Jide Xu (a5), Jinghua Guo (a6), Kenneth N. Raymond (a7) and David K. Shuh (a8)...


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