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Accumulation of Implantation Damage in MEV Implanted Diamond Crystals

  • John D. Hunn (a1), S.P. Withrow (a1), R.E. Clausing (a1), L. Heatherly (a1), J. Bentley (a1), D.M. Hembree (a2) and N.R. Parikh (a3)...


Single crystal, type IIa natural diamond substrates have been implanted with 4 MeV carbon ions to doses ranging from 0.5–130×1016 cm-2. The accumulation of implantation damage is studied by Raman and RBS/channeling. Similar effects are observed for crystals of [100], [110], and [111] orientation but with different rates of damage accumulation. With increasing implantation damage, the triply degenerate Raman mode at 1332 cm-1 broadens and shifts down to around 1300 cm-1. This corresponds to a peak in the one-phonon density of states as predicted for Raman from an amorphous sp 3 network. There is no evidence for the existence of sp 2 carbon in the implanted area. Additional non-graphite Raman peaks appear at 1451, 1494, and 1635 cm-1. At the higher doses, the 1332 cm-1 Raman mode is no longer observed; however, RBS/channeling still shows the surface region to be crystalline and it is possible to grow high quality homoepitaxial diamond films on these substrates.



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