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Accounting For Corrosion Of Hlw Glasses By Humid Air In TSPA

  • W. L. Ebert (a1), J. C. Cunnane (a1) and N. L. Dietz (a1)


This paper describes how the results of vapor hydration tests (VHTs) are used to model the corrosion of waste glasses exposed to humid air in the glass degradation model for total system performance assessment (TSPA) calculations for the proposed Yucca Mountain disposal system. Corrosion rates measured in VHTs conducted at 125, 150, 175, and 200°C are compared with the rate equation for aqueous dissolution to determine parameter values that are applicable to glass degradation in humid air. These will be used to determine the minimum for the range and distribution of parameter values in calculations for the Yucca Mountain disposal system license application (TSPA-LA). The rate equation for glass dissolution is rate = kE • 10 η • pH • exp(–Ea/RT). Uncertainties in the calculated rate due to the range of waste glass compositions and water exposure conditions are taken into account by using a range of values for the rate coefficient kE. The parameter values for the pH dependence (η) and temperature dependence (Ea) and the upper limit for kE are being determined with other tests. Using the values of η and Ea from the site recommendation model, the VHT results described in this paper provide a value of log kE = 5.1 as the minimum value for the rate expression. This value will change slightly if different pH-and temperature-dependencies are used for the TSPA-LA model.



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Accounting For Corrosion Of Hlw Glasses By Humid Air In TSPA

  • W. L. Ebert (a1), J. C. Cunnane (a1) and N. L. Dietz (a1)


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