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Absolute determination of the orientational order quality in a columnar discotic liquid crystal

  • M. Ndao (a1), R. Lefort (a1), P. Huber (a2), J.-M. Zanotti (a3), B. Frick (a4), A. Schoenhals (a5) and D. Morineau (a1)...


Simple NMR techniques can provide an absolute quantification of the quality of the orientational order of discotic columnar phases, provided the anisotropic local magnetic interactions are thoroughly characterized. For the prototypical discotic liquid crystal hexapentoxy-triphenylene, we measure the 13C chemical shift anisotropy of the triphenylene carbons, and use this result to analyze the orientational order, that occurs through a first order phase transition from the high temperature liquid phase, and is almost saturated (order parameter close to 0.85).


Corresponding author


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