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Ablation of Si and Ge Using UV Femtosecond Laser Pulses

  • G. Herbst (a1), M. Steiner (a1), G. Marowsky (a2) and E. Matthias (a3)


Laser ablation of silicon and germanium was carried out in moderate vacuum with l00fs to 400fs pulses at 248nm and intensities up to 3x1013 W/cm2. Evidence for non-thermal material removal was found. Imaged multishot ablation patterns display the intensity dependent self-structuring effect, forming well-known columnar structures. It is shown that continued irradiation of these structures eventually results in comparatively clean ablation. An increase of ablation rate with depth was observed. The reason is an intensity enhancement inside the pits by reflective focussing to a level where bond-breaking takes place. Furthermore, it was noticed that ablation contours can be significantly improved by electrically grounding the target.



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Ablation of Si and Ge Using UV Femtosecond Laser Pulses

  • G. Herbst (a1), M. Steiner (a1), G. Marowsky (a2) and E. Matthias (a3)


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