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1X Thin Films Prepared By Mass Separated Ion Beam Deposition

  • H. C. Hofsäss (a1), C. Ronntng (a1), U. Griesmeier (a1) and M. Gross (a1)


We have studied the growth and the properties of CN films prepared by deposition of mass separated 12C+ and 14N+ ions. The film thickness and density were determined as a function of ion energy between 20 eV and 500 eV and for substrate temperatures of 20 °C and 350 °C. Sputtering effects limit the maximum N concentration to about 30 - 40 at.% even for ion energies as low as 20 eV. IR absorption measurements indicate predominantly C-N and C=N bonding and an amorphous or strongly disordered CN-network. For room temperature deposited CN films with N concentrations up to 25 at.% I-V curves of metal-CN-metal devices show Frenkel-Poole behavior due to field-enhanced thermal activation of localized electrons. Films deposited at 350 °C have N concentrations below 15 at.% and graphitic properties like low resistivity and a density close to graphite.



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1X Thin Films Prepared By Mass Separated Ion Beam Deposition

  • H. C. Hofsäss (a1), C. Ronntng (a1), U. Griesmeier (a1) and M. Gross (a1)


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