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Using tapered interfaces to manipulate nanoscale morphologies in ion-doped block polymers

  • Wei-Fan Kuan (a1), Ellen H. Reed (a1), Ngoc A. Nguyen (a2), Michael E. Mackay (a3) and Thomas H. Epps (a3)...


We detail the influence of tapered interfaces on the nanoscale morphologies of ion-doped poly(styrene-b-oligo-oxyethylene methacrylate) block polymers (BPs). Most significantly, the location of double-gyroid network phase window was found in ion-doped normal-tapered materials, and a similar window was not detectable in the corresponding non-tapered and inverse-tapered BPs. Additionally, the effective interaction parameters, χeff, were reduced substantially in the tapered materials in comparison with their non-tapered counterparts. Overall, this work demonstrates that tapering between polymer blocks provides unique control over BP morphologies and improves the material processability (due to lower χeff), potentially facilitating the development of future ion-conducting devices.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Thomas H. Epps, III


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