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Solution-based synthesis of carbon–hematite composite thin films for high-performance supercapacitor applications

  • Jinzhan Su (a1), Shangpu Liu (a1), Jian Wang (a1), Cong Liu (a1), Yufeng Li (a1) and Dongyang Wu (a1)...


Supercapacitor has received intense interest due to its high-charge/discharge rate and high-power density. C/Fe2O3 layer with different C/Fe ratios were synthesized by a solution-based approach for supercapacitor application. The influence of synthesis conditions on their electrochemical performances was investigated. Cobalt was added into C/Fe2O3 and significant improved its performance. The optimal C/Fe2O3 sample gives a high specific capacitance of 85.3 F/g and the addition of Co3O4 further increase the capacitance of obtained C/Fe2O3/Co3O4 to 144.4 F/g at 5 A/g. This work demonstrates an efficient supercapacitor application of low-cost metal oxides and facile solution-based synthesis approach.


Corresponding author

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