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Molecular beam epitaxy growth of nonmagnetic Weyl semimetal LaAlGe thin film

  • Niraj Bhattarai (a1) (a2), Andrew W. Forbes (a1) (a2), Rajendra P. Dulal (a3), Ian L. Pegg (a1) (a2) and John Philip (a1) (a2)...


Here, the authors report a detailed method of growing LaAlGe, a nonmagnetic Weyl semimetal, thin film on silicon(100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy and their structural and electrical characterizations. About 50-nm-thick LaAlGe films were deposited and annealed for 16 h in situ at a temperature of 793 K. As-grown high-quality films showed uniform surface topography and near ideal stoichiometry with a body-centered tetragonal crystal structure. Temperature-dependent longitudinal resistivity can be understood with dominant interband s–d electron–phonon scattering in the temperature range of 5–40 K. Hall measurements confirmed the semimetallic nature of the films with an electron-dominated charge carrier density of ~7.15 × 1021 cm−3 at 5 K.


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Molecular beam epitaxy growth of nonmagnetic Weyl semimetal LaAlGe thin film

  • Niraj Bhattarai (a1) (a2), Andrew W. Forbes (a1) (a2), Rajendra P. Dulal (a3), Ian L. Pegg (a1) (a2) and John Philip (a1) (a2)...


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