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Low-voltage organic transistor with subfemtoliter inkjet source–drain contacts

  • Tomoyuki Yokota (a1), Tsuyoshi Sekitani (a1), Yu Kato (a1), Kazunori Kuribara (a1), Ute Zschieschang (a2), Hagen Klauk (a2), Tatsuya Yamamoto (a3), Kazuo Takimiya (a3), Hirokazu Kuwabara (a4), Masaaki Ikeda (a4) and Takao Someya (a5)...


We have successfully achieved a transconductance of 0.76 S/m for organic thin-film transistors with 4 V operation, which is the largest value reported for organic transistors fabricated using printing methods. Using a subfemtoliter inkjet, silver electrodes with a line width of 1 µm and a channel length of 1 µm were printed directly onto an air-stable, high-mobility organic semiconductor that was deposited on a single-molecule self-assembled monolayer-based gate dielectric. On reducing the droplet volume (0.5 fl) ejected from the inkjet nozzle, which reduces sintering temperatures down to 90 °C, the inkjet printing of silver electrodes was accomplished without damage to the organic semiconductor.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Takao Someya


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Supplementary Figure S1

Yokota Supplementary Figure S1
Figure S1. Optical microscopy image of the organic thin-film transistors with patterned Al gates, ultrathin AlOx/SAM gate dielectric, vacuum-deposited DNTT as the semiconductor, and subfemtoliter inkjet-printed Ag nanoparticle source/drain contacts. The channel length is 1 µm.

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Supplementary Figure S2

Yokota Supplementary Figure S2
Figure S2. Electrical characteristics of DNTT TFTs with channel lengths of 1 µm (VDS = -4 V) (a) Drain current as a function of gate-source voltage (b) Square root of drain current as a function of gate-source voltage.

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Supplementary Figures S1 & S2

Yokota Supplementary Figures Legend
Yokota Supplementary Figures Legend

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Low-voltage organic transistor with subfemtoliter inkjet source–drain contacts

  • Tomoyuki Yokota (a1), Tsuyoshi Sekitani (a1), Yu Kato (a1), Kazunori Kuribara (a1), Ute Zschieschang (a2), Hagen Klauk (a2), Tatsuya Yamamoto (a3), Kazuo Takimiya (a3), Hirokazu Kuwabara (a4), Masaaki Ikeda (a4) and Takao Someya (a5)...


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