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Laser-induced structure transition of diamond-like carbon coated on cemented carbide and formation of reduced graphene oxide

  • Abdelrahman Zkria (a1) (a2) (a3), Ariful Haque (a2), Mohamed Egiza (a1), Eslam Abubakr (a1), Koki Murasawa (a1) (a4), Tsuyoshi Yoshitake (a1) and Jagdish Narayan (a2)...


We report on the structural evolution of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films by the nanosecond pulsed laser annealing process. DLC film is coated on cemented carbide (WC-Co) by cathodic arc ion plating, which is then annealed by ArF laser (193 nm, 20 ns) at different laser fluences (0.9–1.7 J/cm2). Upon laser annealing, Raman spectra divulge higher sp3 fractions accompanied by a blue shift in the G-peak position, which indicates the changes of sp2 sites from rings to chains. At higher fluence (>1.2 J/cm2), the film converts into reduced graphene oxide confirmed by its Raman-active vibrational modes: D, G, and 2D.


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Laser-induced structure transition of diamond-like carbon coated on cemented carbide and formation of reduced graphene oxide

  • Abdelrahman Zkria (a1) (a2) (a3), Ariful Haque (a2), Mohamed Egiza (a1), Eslam Abubakr (a1), Koki Murasawa (a1) (a4), Tsuyoshi Yoshitake (a1) and Jagdish Narayan (a2)...


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