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High-capacity potato peel-shaped graphite for lithium-ion batteries

  • T. Sri Devi Kumari (a1), R. Surya (a2), A. Manuel Stephan (a2), D. Jeyakumar (a1) and T. Prem Kumar (a2)...


Highly graphitic carbons are obtained by precipitating carbon from molten steel inoculated with bismuth. Scanning electron microscopy images show that the products have a potato peel morphology. The inoculant leads to a breaking of the local symmetry of the graphitic structure as evidenced by Raman spectroscopic studies. The products exhibit flat charge–discharge profiles below about 200 mV versus Li+/Li, reversible capacities even exceeding the theoretical limit of 372 mAh/g for perfectly graphitic structures, low first-cycle irreversible capacities, and sustained hundreds of cycles.


Corresponding author

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High-capacity potato peel-shaped graphite for lithium-ion batteries

  • T. Sri Devi Kumari (a1), R. Surya (a2), A. Manuel Stephan (a2), D. Jeyakumar (a1) and T. Prem Kumar (a2)...


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