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Shape-controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals

  • Younan Xia (a1), Xiaohu Xia (a2), Yi Wang (a3) and Shuifen Xie (a4)


The ability to control the shape of metal nanocrystals is central to advances in many areas of modern science and technology, including catalysis, plasmonics, electronics, and biomedicine. This article provides a brief overview of our recent efforts toward the development of solution-phase methods for shape-controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals. While the synthetic methods only involve simple redox reactions, we have been working diligently to understand the complex nucleation and growth mechanisms leading to the formation of metal nanocrystals with desired shapes and related properties. We hope this review will inspire new ideas and concepts in the general area of nanomaterial synthesis, expand our ability to engineer the properties of metals for various applications, and contribute to the realization of sustainable use for some of the scarcest materials.



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Shape-controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals

  • Younan Xia (a1), Xiaohu Xia (a2), Yi Wang (a3) and Shuifen Xie (a4)


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