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Next-generation lithium-ion batteries: The promise of near-term advancements

  • Jason R. Croy (a1), Ali Abouimrane (a2) and Zhengcheng Zhang (a3)


The commercialization of lithium-ion batteries has intimately changed our lives and enabled portable electronic devices, which has revolutionized communications, entertainment, medicine, and more. After three decades of commercial development, researchers around the world are now pursuing major advances that would allow this technology to power the next generation of light-duty, electric, and hybrid-electric vehicles. If this goal is to be met, concerted advances in safety and cost, as well as cycle-life and energy densities, must be realized through advances in the properties of the highly correlated, but separate, components of lithium-ion energy-storage systems.



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Next-generation lithium-ion batteries: The promise of near-term advancements

  • Jason R. Croy (a1), Ali Abouimrane (a2) and Zhengcheng Zhang (a3)


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