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Microstructured Silica as an Optical-Fiber Material

  • J.C. Knight, T.A. Birks, B.J. Mangan and P.St.J. Russell


Conventional optical fibers are fabricated by creating a preform from two different glasses and drawing the preform down at an elevated temperature to form a fiber. A waveguide core is created in the preform by embedding a glass with a higher refractive index within a lower-index “cladding” material. Over the last few years, researchers at several laboratories have demonstrated very different forms of optical-fiber waveguides by using a drawing process to produce two-dimensionally microstructured materials in the form of fine “photoniccrystal fibers” (PCFs). One such waveguide is represented schematically in Figure 1. It consists of a silica fiber with a regular pattern of tiny airholes that run down the entire length. The optical properties of the microstructured silica cladding material enable the formation of guided waves in the pure silica core.



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Microstructured Silica as an Optical-Fiber Material

  • J.C. Knight, T.A. Birks, B.J. Mangan and P.St.J. Russell


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