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The Interaction of Point Defects with the Martensitic Transformation: A Prototype of Exotic Multiscale Phenomena

  • Xiaobing Ren and Kazuhiro Otsuka


The martensitic transformation has so far been studied without considering its interaction with point defects. In this article, we shall show that such interaction, which stems from a universal symmetry property of point defects, can create a rich spectrum of exotic multiscale phenomena in martensitic materials. These phenomena include unique short-range diffusion at the atomic or nano level, remarkable domain-pattern memory at the mesoscopic level, and peculiar rubber-like behavior and aging-induced two-way shape memory at the macroscopic level. Exotic multiscale phenomena may also be found in a wide range of transforming materials, such as ferroelastic, ferroelectric, and ferromagnetic materials. These novel effects may provide new opportunities for these important materials.



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The Interaction of Point Defects with the Martensitic Transformation: A Prototype of Exotic Multiscale Phenomena

  • Xiaobing Ren and Kazuhiro Otsuka


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