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Functional oxide interfaces

  • Fabio Miletto Granozio (a1), Gertjan Koster (a2) and Guus Rijnders (a3)


Functional perovskite oxides are recognized for their stunningly rich physics and for their potential as next-generation electronic materials. Their properties include high T c superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, record-high dielectric/ferroelectric/piezoelectric performances, multiferroic behavior, resistive switching behavior, giant thermoelectric and magnetocaloric effects, giant ionic conduction, and catalytic behavior. Due to their intrinsic chemical and crystal similarities, functional oxides can be stacked in multilayer heterostructures exhibiting an astonishing degree of epitaxial perfection. Such artificial systems not only allow one to combine in a single device the functionalities of their individual layers, but often reveal an even wider range of emergent novel properties that can be surprisingly different from those of the single building blocks. The goal of this issue of MRS Bulletin is to present the state of the art of oxide interfaces in inscience and technology. Here we provide an introduction to their properties, serving as a base for the following topical articles.

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      Functional oxide interfaces
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      Functional oxide interfaces
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      Functional oxide interfaces
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Functional oxide interfaces

  • Fabio Miletto Granozio (a1), Gertjan Koster (a2) and Guus Rijnders (a3)


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