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Bright and stable quantum dots and their applications in full-color displays

  • Tae-Ho Kim (a1), Shinae Jun (a2), Kyung-Sang Cho (a3), Byoung Lyong Choi (a4) and Eunjoo Jang (a5)...


Quantum dots (QDs) have inspired researchers to develop innovative optoelectronics applications, and especially the current advances in light-emitting diode (LED) displays have attained production level technology. The most challenging issues in developing practical QD displays are the design of highly efficient and stable nanostructures and control of the interfaces between the nanostructures and device components. This article highlights applications of both color-converting and current-driven QD-LEDs, with emphasis on the synthesis of materials specifically tailored for display applications and fabrication techniques that improve device performance, such as cross-linking and transfer-printing of nanocrystal thin films.



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Bright and stable quantum dots and their applications in full-color displays

  • Tae-Ho Kim (a1), Shinae Jun (a2), Kyung-Sang Cho (a3), Byoung Lyong Choi (a4) and Eunjoo Jang (a5)...


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