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Realistic Modeling of Nanostructures Using Density Functional Theory

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  31 January 2011

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The development of materials and devices at the nanoscale presents great challenges, from synthesis to assembly to characterization. Often, progress can only be made by complementing experimental work with electronic-structure modeling, harnessing the efficiency, predictive power, and atomic resolution of density functional theory to describe molecular architectures exactly at those scales (hundreds or thousands of atoms) where the most promising and undiscovered properties are to be engineered. Some of the next-generation technologies that will benefit first from first-principles simulations encompass areas as diverse as energy and information storage and retrieval, detection and sensing of biological and foreign contaminants, nanostructured catalysts, nanomechanical devices, hybrid organic-inorganic and biologically inspired materials, and novel computer technologies based on integrated optical and electronic platforms. This article reviews some of the recent successes and insights gained by electronic-structure modeling, ranging from carbon nanotubes to semiconducting nanoparticles, quantum dots, and self-assembled monolayers.

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Realistic Modeling of Nanostructures Using Density Functional Theory
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Realistic Modeling of Nanostructures Using Density Functional Theory
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Realistic Modeling of Nanostructures Using Density Functional Theory
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