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Wasteforms for waste from advanced reprocessing

  • Y-H Hsieh (a1), D. Horlait (a1), S. Humphry-Baker (a1), E.R. Vance (a2), D.J. Gregg (a2), L. Edwards (a2), T.D. Waite (a3) and W.E. Lee (a1)...


EURO-GANEX aims to recycle both major and minor actinides. As the final waste composition is free from actinides, adapted immobilization matrices should be developed. Synroc is a potential wasteform that has proven itself to be efficient in immobilizing high-level wastes (HLW). In this study, a new composition of Synroc, Synroc-Z, is designed and characterized. The key modification is in decreasing the amount of zirconolite phase, which is the main host phase for actinides and increasing the amount of other phases (hollandite and perovskite). As designed the obtained amount of zirconolite is lower than in Synroc-C compositions. Synroc-Z samples were synthesized with a waste loading of 20 wt.% at various temperatures and pressures via hot-pressing to determine the optimum process parameters, which were determined to be 1150-1200°C and 20 MPa, respectively.


Corresponding author


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Wasteforms for waste from advanced reprocessing

  • Y-H Hsieh (a1), D. Horlait (a1), S. Humphry-Baker (a1), E.R. Vance (a2), D.J. Gregg (a2), L. Edwards (a2), T.D. Waite (a3) and W.E. Lee (a1)...


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