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Synthesis of Mixed AuZn Nanoparticles by Spark Discharge Technique

  • Shubhra Kala (a1) and F. E. Kruis (a2)


In this study, feasibility of spark discharge technique to generate mixed metal nanoparticles is demonstrated. Two immiscible metals Au and Zn are selected to prepare AuZn mixed nanoparticles. Ignition of spark between Au and Zn electrodes under normal pressure, in the presence of carrier gas, leads to formation of mixed nanoparticles by condensation and nucleation. Online particle size-distribution is monitored by a scanning mobility particle sizer on changing carrier gas flow rate and capacitor charging current during co-sparking between Au and Zn electrodes. The technique provides flexibility to generate binary mixture of AuZn nanoparticles in the size range of 10-80 nm. Distribution of Au and Zn in the prepared mixed nanoparticles is mapped by scanning electron microscopy and high resolution electron microscopy.


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Synthesis of Mixed AuZn Nanoparticles by Spark Discharge Technique

  • Shubhra Kala (a1) and F. E. Kruis (a2)


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