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Synthesis and Thermal Analysis of Vertically Aligned CNTs Grown on Copper Substrates

  • Qiuhong Zhang (a1) and Levi Elston (a2)


Due to the low degree of contact area and weak interfacial adhesion between CNTs and the growth substrate (Cu), large thermal contact resistance is the largest challenge preventing the use of vertically aligned CNTs (VACNTs) as a thermal interface material (TIM). Although significant research has been done regarding the growth of CNTs on reactive substrates by using an appropriate buffer layer in this group’s previous work, there are many unanswered questions associated with using VACNTs as a thermal interface material beyond synthesis. This effort extends prior work on carbon nanotube growth, by concentrating on ways to evaluate/measure CNT-based nanocomposite thermal resistance. In this study, with the use of a laser flash measurement system, the influence of CNT array properties (layer height and density) on the thermal diffusivity and thermal resistance of the CNT composite were investigated. Test results identify a correlation between the CNT array density/thickness and its thermal resistance.


Corresponding author


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