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Reliability of the Properties of (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 Capacitors with Non–noble Metal Oxide Electrodes stored in an H2 Atmosphere

  • Yoko Takada (a1), Naoki Okamoto (a1), Takeyasu Saito (a1), Kazuo Kondo (a1), Takeshi Yoshimura (a2), Norifumi Fujimura (a2), Koji Higuchi (a3), Akira Kitajima (a3) and Rie Shishido (a4)...


We fabricated ferroelectric (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 (PLZT) capacitors with Sn:In2O3 (ITO) or Pt top electrodes and investigated the ferroelectric properties of these PLZT capacitors. The shape of polarization–voltage hysteresis loops was essentially unchanged and the decrease in the remnant polarization of the ITO/PLZT/Pt capacitors was smaller than that of the Pt/PLZT/Pt capacitors after annealing with 3% D2 (in N2) at 200°C and 1 Torr (i.e., FGAD). Time of flight secondary mass spectrometry revealed that the D atoms were incorporated into the PLZT film of the Pt/PLZT/Pt capacitors after 3% D2 annealing, resulting in a decrease in the ferroelectric properties. In comparison, no D ion signal was detected in the PLZT film after FGAD for ITO/PLZT/Pt capacitors.


Corresponding author


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