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Plant Growth Response to Atmospheric Air Plasma Treatments of Seeds of 5 Plant Species

  • Masaharu Shiratani (a1), Thapanut Sarinont (a1), Takaaki Amano (a1), Nobuya Hayashi (a2) and Kazunori Koga (a1)...


We have investigated plant growth response to atmospheric air plasma treatments of seeds on their growth for 5 plant speces; Radish sprout (Raphanus sativus L.), rice (Oryza Sativa), Zinnia, Arabidopsis L. Thaliana and Plumeri. The average length of Radish sprout, rice, Arabidopsis Thaliana, Plumeria and Zinnia, are 250%, 80%, 60%, 30% and 20% longer than those without plasma treatments, respectively. We have obtained correlation between the growth enhancement and O3 and NOx concentration. The optimum radical dose for the growth enhancement depends on plant species.


Corresponding author


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