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Particle Irradiation Induced Defects in High Temperature Superconductors

  • Prashanta Mani Niraula (a1), Eiman Bokari (a1), Shahid Iqbal (a1), Lisa Paulius (a1), Matthew Smylie (a2), Ulrich Welp (a2), Wai-Kwong Kwok (a2) and Asghar Kayani (a1)...


We use irradiation with 50-MeV Cu-ions to create vortex pinning defects in high-temperature superconducting Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x coated conductors using a beam-rastering approach that allows for the uniform irradiation of large ample areas. Our samples contain barium zirconate nanorods as pre-existing vortex pinning defects. By irradiating the samples at angles of 0o, 15oand 30o from the crystallographic c-axis we explore the interplay between pre-existing and irradiation-induced pinning and find that irradiation at 30o leads to a moderate enhancement of Jc at 5 K at high fields (greater than 2 Tesla). In contrast, Jc was suppressed for all temperatures and fields for other angles of irradiation. Optimized particle irradiation procedures offer a way for improving the performance of high-temperature superconducting wires for use in high magnetic fields without the need for changing wire synthesis protocols.


Corresponding author


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