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Optical Properties of Multilayers TiO2/SnO2:F Thin films

  • Eleicer Ching-Prado (a1), Amanda Watson (a1), Héctor Miranda (a1) and Ildeman Abrego (a1)


Thin films of TiO2/SnO2:F multilayers were prepared by spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrate. The samples were prepared using titanium (IV) isopropoxide 98%, ammonium fluoride and tin(II) chloride dehydrate extra pure as precursor materials. Thus, a TiO2 thickness dependence optical study of TiO2/SnO2:F/glass system is presented. The optical property was characterized by UV-Visible transmittance spectroscopy. For all the samples, the average transmissions in the visible wavelength region (400-800 nm) were between 69 and 84%. The optical parameters, such as the real part dielectric function ε1 and the imaginary part dielectric function ε2, of TiO2 and SnO2:F in the TiO2/SnO2:F thin films structure, determined by fitting the measured optical transmittance spectra, are presented and analyzed. Among the various classical dispersion relations for the dielectric function, the Drude model combined with the Lorentzian oscillators was used to get a good fit of transmittance in the measured spectral range. Results on related parameters such as high frequency dielectric constant, plasma frequency, film thickness and band gap are presented.


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