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One-Step Fabrication of Fe-Si-O/Carbon Nanotube Composite Anode Material with Excellent High-Rate Long-Term Cycling Stability

  • Yun-Kai Sun (a1), Xue Bai (a1), Tao Li (a1), Gui-Xia Lu (a1), Yong-Xin Qi (a1), Ning Lun (a1), Yun Tian (a1) and Yu-Jun Bai (a1)...


The composite Li-ion battery anode material of Fe2SiO4, Fe3O4, Fe3C (Fe-Si-O) and carbon nanotubes was prepared by a simple one-step reaction between ferrocene and tetraethyl orthosilicate. When cycled at 100 mA g-1, this material exhibited ever-increasing capacities and reached 588 mAh g-1 at the 280th cycle. At 500 mA g-1, a reversible capacity of 350 mAh g-1 was retained for 600 cycles. Compared with Fe3O4 materials, the Fe-Si-O/CNT exhibited superior long-term high-rate performance, which could mainly result from its enhanced stability and conductivities by introducing silicates and CNTs during the one-step synthesis.


Corresponding author

*E-mail: (Y.-J. Bai), (Y. Tian)
Presenter E-mail: (Y.-K. Sun)


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