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The linear relationship of spin pumping energy in a La:YIG/Pt heterostructure used in a microwave rectifier

  • Yiheng Rao (a1), Huaiwu Zhang (a1), Dainan Zhang (a1), Lichuan Jin (a1), Qinghui Yang (a1), Zhiyong Zhong (a1), Jie Li (a1) and MingMing Li (a1)...


La3+ doped yttrium iron garnet films have been grown on (111) oriented gadolinium gallium garnet substrates via Liquid phase epitaxy technique as a basic material for ISHE device fabrication. Pt as a material with a large spin hall angle was used as a spin detection layer. We investigated the dependence of the spin pumping effect on the power and frequency of the excitation microwaves in La:YIG/Pt bilayers by measuring the ISHE voltage. We demonstrated that the area under the ISHE curve(SISHE) across a wide power range had a nearly linear correlation with the input microwave power (Pin). The parameter SISHE can be used to describe the spin current energy in a Pt layer which can be a useful parameter for a microwave rectifier.


Corresponding author


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