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InAs-QDIP hybrid broadband infrared photodetector

  • Chee H. Tan (a1), Ian C. Sandall (a1), Xinxin Zhou (a1) and Sanjay Krishna (a2)


We demonstrated that an InAs photodiode and a Quantum Dot Infrared Photodiode can be bonded to produce a hybrid broadband infrared photodetector. When cooled to 77 K the InAs photodiode can be used to detect wavelengths from visible to a cutoff wavelength of 3 μm while the Quantum Dot Infrared Photodiode detects wavelengths from 3 to 12 μm. The dark current and spectral response were measured on reference devices and bonded devices. Both sets of devices show similar dark current and spectral response, suggesting that no significant degradation of the devices after the bonding process.


Corresponding author


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InAs-QDIP hybrid broadband infrared photodetector

  • Chee H. Tan (a1), Ian C. Sandall (a1), Xinxin Zhou (a1) and Sanjay Krishna (a2)


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