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Impact of Magnetically Aligned CNT/PC Nanocomposites for Hydrogen Gas Separation Applications

  • Anshu Sharma (a1), S. P. Nehra (a2), Y. K. Vijay (a3) and I. P. Jain (a1)


The goal of this work is to study the properties of magnetically aligned CNT/PC nanocomposites towards the development of hydrogen gas separation membranes. A fraction (0.1 weight %) of synthesized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been dispersed homogeneously throughout polycarbonate (PC) matrix by ultrasonication. The alignment of CNT in PC matrix has been accomplished by applying an external magnetic field of 1200 Gauss. These nanocomposites have been studied by gas permeation using H2, N2 and Co2 electrical and dielectric constant measurements. Experimental results of gas permeability measurements exhibit here that H2 is more selective than N2 and Co2 in magnetically aligned nanocomposite membranes which can be used as good hydrogen separating media. I-V characteristics show the electron hopping like behavior and dielectric constant shows the enhancement in permittivity of these nanocomposites.


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Impact of Magnetically Aligned CNT/PC Nanocomposites for Hydrogen Gas Separation Applications

  • Anshu Sharma (a1), S. P. Nehra (a2), Y. K. Vijay (a3) and I. P. Jain (a1)


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