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High-current field emission from “flower-like” few-layer graphene grown on tip of nichrome (8020) wire

  • Xiao-lu Yan (a1), Bao-shun Wang (a1), Rui-ting Zheng (a1), Xiao-ling Wu (a1) and Guo-an Cheng (a1)...


We report a novel tip-type field emission (FE) emitter by synthesizing the few-layer graphene (FLG) flakes on tip of nichrome (8020) wire (ϕ80 μm) by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition(PECVD). These resultant random arrays of free-standing FLG flakes are aligned vertically to the substrate surface in a high-density and stacked to each other to form several larger “flower-like” agglomerates in spherical shapes. The FE performance of the tip-type FLG flakes emitter shows a low threshold field of 0.55 V/μm, a large field enhancement factor of 9455 ± 46, a large field emission current density of 22.18 A/cm2 at 2.70 V/μm, and an excellent field emission stability at high emission current densities (6.93 A/cm2). It can be used in variety of applications that include cathode-ray tube monitors, X-ray sources, electron microscopes, and other vacuum electronic applications.


Corresponding author


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High-current field emission from “flower-like” few-layer graphene grown on tip of nichrome (8020) wire

  • Xiao-lu Yan (a1), Bao-shun Wang (a1), Rui-ting Zheng (a1), Xiao-ling Wu (a1) and Guo-an Cheng (a1)...


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