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A far-red emitting aryleneethynylene fluorophore used as light harvesting antenna in hybrid assembly with the photosynthetic reaction center

  • Simona la Gatta (a1), Omar Hassan Omar (a2), Angela Agostiano (a1) (a3), Francesco Milano (a3), Rocco Roberto Tangorra (a1), Alessandra Operamolla (a1), Claudio Chiorboli (a4), Roberto Argazzi (a5), Mirco Natali (a4), Massimo Trotta (a3), Gianluca Maria Farinola (a1) and Roberta Ragni (a1)...


The photosynthetic reaction center (RC) from the purple Rhodobacter (R.) sphaeroides bacterium is a protein with unique photoconversion capability that can be exploited in hybrid systems for energy conversion. We have developed a tailored aryleneethynylene organic fluorophore (AE750) acting as efficient light harvesting antenna and successfully bioconjugated it to the photosynthetic RC. We have also demonstrated that, under suitable conditions, the biohybrid AE750-RC system can outperform the energy photoconversion ability of the native protein.


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