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Far-infrared bands in plasmonic metal-insulator-metal absorbers optimized for long-wave infrared

  • Rachel N. Evans (a1), Seth R. Calhoun (a1), Jonathan R. Brescia (a1), Justin W. Cleary (a2), Evan M. Smith (a2) (a3) and Robert E. Peale (a1)...


Metal–insulator–metal (MIM) resonant absorbers comprise a conducting ground plane, a dielectric of thickness t, and thin separated metal top-surface structures of dimension l. The fundamental resonance wavelength is predicted by an analytic standing-wave model based on t, l, and the dielectric refractive index spectrum. For the dielectrics SiO2, AlN, and TiO2, values for l of a few microns give fundamental resonances in the 8-12 μm long-wave infrared (LWIR) wavelength region. Agreement with theory is better for t/l exceeding 0.1. Harmonics at shorter wavelengths were already known, but we show that there are additional resonances in the far-infrared 20 - 50 μm wavelength range in MIM structures designed to have LWIR fundamental resonances. These new resonances are consistent with the model if far-IR dispersion features in the index spectrum are considered. LWIR fundamental absorptions are experimentally shown to be optimized for a ratio t/l of 0.1 to 0.3 for SiO2- and AlN-based MIM absorbers, respectively, with TiO2-based MIM optimized at an intermediate ratio.


Corresponding author


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Far-infrared bands in plasmonic metal-insulator-metal absorbers optimized for long-wave infrared

  • Rachel N. Evans (a1), Seth R. Calhoun (a1), Jonathan R. Brescia (a1), Justin W. Cleary (a2), Evan M. Smith (a2) (a3) and Robert E. Peale (a1)...


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