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The electron transport that occurs within wurtzite zinc oxide and the application of stress

  • Poppy Siddiqua (a1), Michael S. Shur (a2) and Stephen K. O’Leary (a1)


We examine how stress has the potential to shape the character of the electron transport that occurs within ZnO. In order to narrow the scope of this analysis, we focus on a determination of the velocity-field characteristics associated with bulk wurtzite ZnO. Monte Carlo simulations of the electron transport are pursued for the purposes of this analysis. Rather than focusing on the impact of stress in of itself, instead we focus on the changes that occur to the energy gap through the application of stress, i.e., energy gap variations provide a proxy for the amount of stress. Our results demonstrate that stress plays a significant role in shaping the form of the velocity-field characteristics associated with ZnO. This dependence could potentially be exploited for device application purposes.


Corresponding author


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