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The Effects of Dynamic Transformation on the Formation of Pt-M (M = Ni, Fe) Nanocrystals

  • Yiliang Luan (a1), Can Li (a1), Bo Zhao (a2), Amar Kumbhar (a3), Jun Zhang (a4) and Jiye Fang (a1)...


In the synthesis of metallic nanocrystals (NCs) using a high-temperature colloidal approach, the competition between deposition and diffusion of “free atom (or clusters)” plays an important role as it can direct the morphology of NCs during their evolution. This competition is closely associated with some dynamic conditions such as heat and mass transfer. Stirring speed and ramp rate of heating are two factors that greatly impact the heat and mass transfer processes and consequently determine the morphology of the products but rarely discussed in most synthetic protocols. Herein, we study the syntheses of Pt-M (M = Ni, Fe) NCs as model reactions, showing that a low stirring speed and high ramp rate of heating result in ununiform pod-like NCs, whereas the inverse conditions promote NCs in a uniform shape. This observation can be plausibly explained using a competition mechanism between the deposition and diffusion of the newly reduced atoms during a stage of the NC’s growth.


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