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Diatoms Biosilica as Efficient Drug-Delivery System

  • Danilo Vona (a1), Gabriella Leone (a1), Roberta Ragni (a1), Fabio Palumbo (a2), Antonio Evidente (a3), Maurizio Vurro (a4), Gianluca M. Farinola (a1) and Stefania R. Cicco (a5)...


Diatoms are the most abundant resource of biosilica on Earth. These microalgae are encased in a 3-D amorphous silica “shell” called frustule whose size and morphology is strictly dependent on the diatom species. Naturally nanostructured biosilica from diatoms exhibit unique adsorption and confinement properties useful for delivery of molecules of pharmacological interest.In this work fossil biosilica was used as a carrier for Ophiobolin A (a fungal macrolide with anticancer and antiparasitic properties), with the aim to develop a model system of Ophiobolin A loading / delivery. Ophiobolin A delivery properties of fossil diatoms were investigated by spectophotometric analyses.


Corresponding author


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