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CdSe nanoparticles characterized by XRD and HRTEM in function of pH

  • G. Sánchez-Legorreta (a1), P. Rosendo-Francisco (a1), J. Sumaya-Martínez (a1), O. Olea-Mejia (a2) and J. L. Rodríguez López (a3)...


CdSe nanoparticles were grown using a colloidal method, in which the pH was the main parameter that was varied (from 8 to 12) with the objective of knowing the morphological and structural effects after the synthesis process. The samples were characterized with X-ray diffraction and High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope to know their crystalline structure. We identified the formation of two crystalline phases in a single sample, as well as the different crystal direction of the material, the crystallites size was calculated from the X-ray diffraction pattern using the Debye- Scherrer equation. The distance between planes was also calculated using the Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). The results and analysis of the experimental work are reported.


Corresponding author


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CdSe nanoparticles characterized by XRD and HRTEM in function of pH

  • G. Sánchez-Legorreta (a1), P. Rosendo-Francisco (a1), J. Sumaya-Martínez (a1), O. Olea-Mejia (a2) and J. L. Rodríguez López (a3)...


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