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An amorphous-to-crystalline phase transition within thin silicon films grown through ultra-high-vacuum evaporation on fused quartz substrates

  • Farida Orapunt (a1), Li-Lin Tay (a2), David J. Lockwood (a2), Jean-Marc Baribeau (a3), Joanne C. Zwinkels (a2), Mario Noël (a2) and Stephen K. O’Leary (a4)...


A number of thin silicon films are prepared through ultra-high-vacuum evaporation on optical quality fused quartz substrates with different growth temperatures. Through an analysis of grazing incidence X-ray diffraction results, a phase transition, from amorphous-to-crystalline, is found corresponding to increases in the growth temperature. The corresponding Raman spectra are also observed to change their form as the films go through this phase transition. Using a Raman peak decomposition process, this phase transition is then quantitatively characterized through the determination of the amount of intermediate-range order and the crystalline volume fraction for the various growth temperatures considered in this analysis. The possible device consequences of these results are then commented upon.


Corresponding author


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