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Phase transitions in perovskites near the tricritical point: an experimental study of KMn1–xCaxF3 and SrTiO3

  • M. C. Gallardo (a1), F. J. Romero (a1), S. A. Hayward (a1), E. K. H. Salje (a2) and J. del Cerro (a1)...


We present experimental data for the Pm3m-I4/mcm phase transitions in the perovskite crystals KMn1-xCaxF3 and SrTiO3. Comparison of calorimetric data (latent heat and specific heat) with order parameter data (measured with X-ray rocking methods) indicates that these transitions follow mean-field behaviour, and may be described using Landau potentials where the free energy expansion includes terms up to Q 6. This potential is characteristic of transitions close to the tricritical point. Comparison of the behaviour of SrTiO3 and KMnF3 indicates that KMnF3 is closer to the tricritical point; a small amount of substitution of Ca for Mn causes the transition to cross the tricritical point from first order to second order behaviour.


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