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Manganoan berthierine, Meyers Pass, New Zealand: occurrence in the prehnite-pumpellyite facies

  • D. S. Coombs (a1), G. Zhao (a2) and D. R. Peacor (a2)


Manganoan berthierine, sometimes only a few layers thick, is preserved interlayered with manganoan chlorite (chamosite) in small recrystallized patches in cherty metapelagites matamorphosed in the prehnite–pumpellyite facies at Meyers Pass, Torlesse Terrane, South Canterbury, New Zealand. The Mn occupies 11–12% of the octahedral sites, making this the most Mn–rich berthierine reported so far. The ratio (Fe+Mn)(Fe+Mn+Mg), 0.67–0.70, is at the lower end of those of previously reported occurrences, making these amongst the most Mg-rich berthierines known. Manganoan berthierine and interlayered manganoan chlorite also make up ~11–13% of the cryptocrystalline groundmass in which the berthierine is believed to have crystallized under early diagenetic conditions near a deep-ocean–sediment interface. The occurrence of berthierine in the recrystallized patches lends support to the possibility of a stability field at the temperature of prehnite-pumpellyite facies recrystallization in association with chlorite of similar but not identical composition.


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Manganoan berthierine, Meyers Pass, New Zealand: occurrence in the prehnite-pumpellyite facies

  • D. S. Coombs (a1), G. Zhao (a2) and D. R. Peacor (a2)


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