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Lower Tertiary Tholeiitic Basalts from Southern New Caledonia

  • K. A. Rodgers (a1)


Eocene tholeiitic basalts occur throughout the length of New Caledonia where their emplacement preceded that of the peridotite massifs. In the south, two areas of basaltic rocks are intimately associated with Eocene sediments, which have been overridden by the peridotites. The aphyric, holocrystalline basalts consist of plagioclase, clinopyroxene, titanomagnetite, and minor quartz together with their abundant alteration products, which include epidote and uralite. The chemical compositions of these rocks fail to show agreement with oceanic tholeiitites, as suggested by earlier writers, although strong similarities exist with the basalts of the Papuan Ultramafic Belt.



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Lower Tertiary Tholeiitic Basalts from Southern New Caledonia

  • K. A. Rodgers (a1)


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