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Fluoronyböite from Jianchang (Su-Lu, China) and nyböite from Nybö (Nordfjord, Norway): a petrological and crystal-chemical comparison of these two high-pressure amphiboles

  • R. Oberti (a1), M. Boiocchi (a2) and D. C. Smith (a3)


Fluoronyböite, ideally NaNa2(Al2Mg3)(Si7Al)O22F2, has been found in the Jianchang eclogite pod, Su-Lu coesite-eclogite province, China. It has been approved as a new mineral by the IMA. Single-crystal structure refinement and electron microprobe analysis were used for characterization: C2/m, with a = 9.666(4), b = 17.799(6), c = 5.311(2) Å, β = 104.10(3)º, V = 886.2(8) Å3, Z = 2, formula: A (Na0.78K0.06)Σ0.84 B (Na1.53Ca0.47)Σ2.00 C (Fe2+ 0.89Mg2.55Mn0.01Zn0.01Fe3+ 0.32Al1.21Ti0.01)Σ5.00 T (Si7.14Al0.86)Σ8.00O22 X (OH0.84F1.16)Σ2.00.

Fluoronyböite formed during UHPM conditions, and is preserved in the retrograded kyanite-bearing eclogite sample DJ102 together with clinopyroxene (Jd70Ae20Di10), garnet (Alm60Prp21Grs17Sps02), and rutile. Lower-pressure minerals are also present (fluoro-alumino-magnesiotaramite, apatite, paragonite), and symplectitic rims were also developed around clinopyroxene crystals. Cation ordering and the structural and physical properties of fluoronyböite are reported and discussed with reference to those of F-free nyböite from the type locality at Nyböin Norway, for which some as yet unpublished mineral data are also reported. Relations between composition and petrogenetic conditions of these rare high-pressure amphiboles are discussed.


Corresponding author


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Fluoronyböite from Jianchang (Su-Lu, China) and nyböite from Nybö (Nordfjord, Norway): a petrological and crystal-chemical comparison of these two high-pressure amphiboles

  • R. Oberti (a1), M. Boiocchi (a2) and D. C. Smith (a3)


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