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Fluorlamprophyllite, Na3(SrNa)Ti3(Si2O7)2O2F2, a new mineral from Poços de Caldas alkaline massif, Morro do Serrote, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Marcelo B. Andrade (a1) (a2), Hexiong Yang (a1), Robert T. Downs (a1), Gunnar Färber (a3), Reynaldo R. Contreira Filho (a4), Stanley H. Evans (a1), Clayton W. Loehn (a5) and Benjamin N. Schumer (a1)...


A new mineral species, fluorlamprophyllite (IMA2013-102), ideally Na3(SrNa)Ti3(Si2O7)2O2F2, has been found in the Poços de Caldas alkaline massif, Morro do Serrote, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Alternatively, the idealized chemical formula could be written as (SrNa)[(Na3Ti)F2][Ti2(Si2O7)2O2], setting the large interlayer cations before the cations of the layer. Fluorlamprophyllite is the F-analogue of lamprophyllite. It is associated with aegirine, analcime, natrolite, nepheline and microcline. Fluorlamprophyllite crystals are brownish-orange and bladed. The mineral is transparent with a pale yellow streak and an adamantine lustre. It is brittle and has a Mohs hardness of ~3; cleavage is perfect on {100} and no parting was observed. The calculated density is 3.484 g/cm3. Optically, fluorlamprophyllite is biaxial (+), with α = 1.735(7), β = 1.749(7) and γ = 1.775(9) and 2Vmeas = 72(3)°. An electron microprobe analysis produced an average composition (wt.%) (9 points) of Na2O 10.63(30), K2O 0.47(3), SiO2 30.51(13), SrO 18.30(24), MgO 0.81(17), Al2O3 0.23(2), CaO 1.11(7), MnO 5.03(38), TiO2 27.41(87), Fe2O3 2.45(37), F 2.86(23), plus H2O 1.00 (added to bring the total close to 100%), –O = F –1.20, with the total = 98.61%. The elements Nb and Ba were sought, but contents were below microprobe detection limits. The resultant chemical formula was calculated on the basis of 18 (O + F) atoms per formula unit. The addition of 1.00 wt.% H2O brought [F+(OH)] = 2 pfu, yielding (Na2.63Sr1.35Mn0.54Ca0.15Mg0.15K0.08)Σ4.90(Ti2.63Fe0.24Al0.04)Σ2.91Si3.89O16[F1.15(OH)0.85]Σ2.00. The mineral is monoclinic, with space group C2/m and unit-cell parameters a = 19.255(2), b = 7.0715(7), c = 5.3807(6) Å, β = 96.794(2)° and V = 727.5(1) Å3. The structure is a layered silicate inasmuch as the O atoms are arranged in well-defined, though not necessarily close-packed layers.


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Fluorlamprophyllite, Na3(SrNa)Ti3(Si2O7)2O2F2, a new mineral from Poços de Caldas alkaline massif, Morro do Serrote, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Marcelo B. Andrade (a1) (a2), Hexiong Yang (a1), Robert T. Downs (a1), Gunnar Färber (a3), Reynaldo R. Contreira Filho (a4), Stanley H. Evans (a1), Clayton W. Loehn (a5) and Benjamin N. Schumer (a1)...


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