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Environmental mineralogy, geochemistry and human health

  • E. Valsami-Jones (a1), D. A. Polya (a2) and K. Hudson-Edwards (a3)


This issue of Mineralogical Magazine is the 5th in a loosely defined series of special thematic issues (or part issues), deriving from conferences organized by the Mineralogical Society. The associated conference was entitled ‘Environmental Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Human Health’ and took place in January 2005, in Bath. A common thread to all these Mineralogical Society conferences has been the role of mineralogy in applied science and technology and particularly in environmental science, focussing on the multidisciplinarity of modern mineralogy; the conferences (and special issues) have been particularly successful in bringing along scientists from outside traditional Mineralogy/Earth Sciences. Notably, the series comes at a time when the popularity of Mineralogy/Geology, but also science in general, is low, and many, particularly young, scientists are seeking to place themselves in a better position in the eye of the public and the media, and often also to find new focus for their research. A primary ambition for the series is thus to demonstrate Mineralogy's extensive outreach and has so far succeeded in giving the scientific community a sense of the wider role mineralogists can play.



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Environmental mineralogy, geochemistry and human health

  • E. Valsami-Jones (a1), D. A. Polya (a2) and K. Hudson-Edwards (a3)


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