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Emeleusite: a new LiNaFeIII silicate from south Greenland

  • B. G. J. Upton (a1), P. G. Hill (a1), O. Johnsen (a2) and O. V. Petersen (a2)


Emeleusite (Li2Na4Fe2 IIISi12O30) is an orthorhombic (pseudohexagonal) mineral occurring as euhedra within a facies of a peralkaline trachyte dyke. The composition is: SiO2 70·75; TiO2 0·55; ZrO2 0·10; Al2O3 1·34; Fe2O3 12·13; MgO 0·10; MnO 0·03; Na2O 11·98; Li2O 2·78:99·76. The density is 2·775 g/cm3 (calculated) and 2·76(7) g/cm3 (determined); hardness 5–6. It is colourless, transparent, and has a glassy lustre. Emeleusite is biaxial negative with 2V a , varying from near-zero to c. 30° r » v. The refractive indices are α 1·596; β 1·597; y 1·597; with αb; βa; yc. Emeleusite can occur as interpenetration triplets with {110} as twin planes. The space group is Acam or Aba2 with a = 10·073±0·002 Å; b = 17·350±0·005 Å and c = 14·010±0·005 Å. Z = 4. Prominent powder diffraction lines are 7·001(5) 002, 4·352(10) 220, 040, 3·501(7) 004, 3·209(8) 311, and 3·090(7) 124. While the structure is as yet unknown it is suggested that it is an orthorhombic associate of the milarite group.



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Emeleusite: a new LiNaFeIII silicate from south Greenland

  • B. G. J. Upton (a1), P. G. Hill (a1), O. Johnsen (a2) and O. V. Petersen (a2)


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