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The effect of pressure on thermal diffusivity in pyroxenes

  • S. A. Hunt (a1) (a2) (a3), A. M. Walker (a4), R. J. McCormack (a2), D. P. Dobson (a2), A. S. Wills (a3) and L. Li (a1)...


The thermal diffusivity of diopside, jadeite and enstatite were measured at simultaneous pressures and temperatures of up to 7 GPa and 1200 K using the X-radiographic Ångström method. The measurements herein show that the pressure dependency of thermal diffusivity in pyroxenes is significantly greater than in olivine or garnet and that in the MORB-layer of a subducting slab the thermal diffusivity of pyroxenes are a factor of 1.5 greater than that of olivine. The temperature dependence of all the data sets is well described by a low-order polynomial fit to 1/K and the pressure dependence is exponential in 1/K, formulations which are consistent with the damped harmonic oscillator model for thermal properties.


Corresponding author


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The effect of pressure on thermal diffusivity in pyroxenes

  • S. A. Hunt (a1) (a2) (a3), A. M. Walker (a4), R. J. McCormack (a2), D. P. Dobson (a2), A. S. Wills (a3) and L. Li (a1)...


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