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A differentiated ultrabasic sheet on Sgurr Dearg, Isle of Skye

  • Fergus G. F. Gibb (a1)


The field relations, mineralogy, and petrography of a small Tertiary ultrabasic sheet are briefly described. Chemical analyses show that compositional variations exist within the intrusion and electron-probe analyses demonstrate that optically undetectable zoning is present in the olivine. Throughout the intrusion, which is composed primarily of forsteritic olivine, calcic plagioclase, and clinopyroxene, there is a differential distribution of olivine. This distribution is attributed to flow differentiation during intrusion followed by gravitative sinking of olivine crystals.



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A differentiated ultrabasic sheet on Sgurr Dearg, Isle of Skye

  • Fergus G. F. Gibb (a1)


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